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Three out of four managers understand complexity hurts performance.  Complexity in today's world misdirects employees and dampens their motivation.  As the world becomes more complex, we need greater leadership.

This February, we are having a special workshop on complexity in business and organisational culture.  It is highly personalised, assessment-based training, which is packed with valuable insights on organizational performance.  


The workshop is designed and presented by Eunoia Leadership, our partners from Sweden.

Endorsed by

Anna Rosengren,

Co-founder of Eunoia Leadership

International experts on Leading in Complexity

Mohamed Maher and Anna Rosengren are the designers and presenters of the workshop.  They co-founded Eunoia Leadership with the vision that leadership development should be deeper than behavioural change.  Based on their experience and research in the field, they have developed methods to understand precisely how leaders are constructed and can improve performance despite complexity.

Mohamed Maher,

Co-founder of Eunoia Leadership

Interview on Cliff Central's Leadership Platform

Listen to Adriaan Groenewald interview Mohamed Maher about his background and this new approach to leadership development:

Event details

Future events can be organised as needed for leadership teams inside of your organisation.

Training:           3 full days

Seats:               up to 18

Location:         TBD

Eunoia Personal Construct Assessment

The Eunoia Personal Construct Assessment provides an accurate map for development and is a key part of the Leading in Complexity training.  The assessment provides laser-precision insights into your unique performance style and creates a state of readiness for development.


Eunoia's assessment is innovative in its ability to see through displayed behaviour to motivations and underlying concepts.  We reject the idea that people can be grouped and labelled in specific types.  Rather, we create space for you to understand how you are constructed as a leader and we map how you can reach your unique peak potential.

Ground-breaking leadership insight

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