Impactful Innovation Training

Great innovation capabilities enable business results like increased profit, revenue growth and bigger market share.

How to improve innovation outcomes

When most companies try to build innovation capabilities and adopt best practices, they are met with unexpected obstacles.  The obstacles to improving innovation need to be explored to allow for the customisation and optimisation of best practices.

Assessment-based training

We make breakthrough improvement possible with a tool that identifies missing pre-cursors to innovation.  Using an assessment tool from Eunoia Leadership (Sweden), we can pinpoint under-developed capacities that constrain a person’s innovation approach.  The tool illuminates improvement opportunities.

Modules and topics

Practical training is enabled by the assessment.  Once the assessment identifies key capacity gaps, we can conduct effective skills training on the following topics.


Anticipating customer needs

Big picture thinking

Disruptive change

Failure, risk & resilience

Original solutions

Workshop facilitator

Robert Louw has been a director and innovation consultant at Prefrontal Constructs for three years.  His masters’ degree in Innovation Management from KTH in Sweden and his certificate in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard are complimented with his experience across diverse industries.

In partnership with Eunoia Leadership

We have teamed up with Eunoia Leadership in Sweden to create this workshop.  The program combines our expertise in innovation management with Eunoia's cutting-edge assessment tools.

Eunoia Leadership has developed sophisticated algorithms to measure individuals' and organisations' approach to innovation.  They measure the interdependencies of constructs in a matrix of 48 variables to produce deep insight.



"They have an excellent way of turning down the noise, distilling the problem to its core cause, and resolving it through clear and concise reasoning."

Alex Michaelides | Managing Director | Next Level Distribution

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Build the precise capacity that you misses.


Understand the whole complex system.


Get insight in minutes that normally takes months.

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