Innovation advisory services

At Prefrontal Constructs, we offer support for innovation projects along two dimensions.  

Technological innovation

For you to create the maximum value with your innovation, you need to see new opportunities, understand your technological readiness level and work lean.  This is why we offer innovation gap analysis, technology readiness level assessments, as well as advisory services on strategic planning.

Business model innovation

A sustainable business model can help you reach the highest levels of innovation.  The best companies find ways to fund their innovation, then leverage initial success to take their technology further than anyone could have imagined.  Your business model is pivotal to your success.  We offer the latest expertise in business model innovation for you to accelerate your progress.


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An innovation advisor makes innovation easier

Over the last few years, many academics and experts have come up with better ways to innovate.  We stay on top of these best practices, so that you can innovate as effectively as possible.  

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