Company culture is pivotal to profitable innovation.

Culture is the reason some companies move fast while others are lagging behind.  Leaders can now use a new class of tools to understand precisely how company culture affects progress. 

How can your people make improvement part of their daily work?  How can your company update its readiness to profit from new technologies?  We can show you.  The answer lies in developing your company culture with precision. 


We measure company culture in 88 elements at 4 levels to create a precise assessment.  This empowers you to manage your culture: the norms for making those decisions that add up every day.


Leverage your company culture

Great leaders understand how their culture determines the profits from innovation.  Company culture is a force field of unseen variables that interact together.  We often see companies copy so-called best practices from others, but they get fewer results.  It is essential that you also understand your people's collective thinking patterns.  By having your culture analysed in detail, you can leverage the cultural forces to move your company forward. 

Discover the ideas you miss

Once we have analysed the company culture, we can see precisely what principles are missing in people's thinking.  People all have a unique understanding of life and business principles, which set measures for decision making.  As a leader, you can save years of wasted effort by seeing exactly how your people think.

Unlock your innovation potential

When you can leverage the cultural forces in your company and provide the key ideas that people miss, your people will start to feel a creative tension that drives them towards innovation.  With our organisational culture assessment report, you can make your company's innovations strategic, pragmatic and profitable. 


In partnership with Eunoia Leadership

We have teamed up with Eunoia Leadership in Sweden to create this ground-breaking solution.  Our innovation culture solutions combine our expertise in innovation management with Eunoia's rich experience in organisational culture development.  Now company leaders have a powerful tool to bring their companies to the forefront of their industries.​

Eunoia Leadership has developed sophisticated algorithms to map organisational culture.  They measure the interdependencies of cultural constructs in a matrix of 88 variables to produce deep insight.  They get extensive cultural data with a simple user interface.  Data collection only takes  20 minutes per employee. 


Start making the best of your culture today


Build innovation capacity into your culture with precise interventions.


Discover the key ideas your people need to perform better.


Get detailed insight by spending 10 minutes per person on assessments.

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