Capacity for greater performance

When you are working to innovate, disrupt or unite, you need more than competence.  At Prefrontal Constructs, we develop that perceptive acuity you need for better innovation leadership.  We help you develop more effective mindsets and better cultures at an executive level.  The result is increased capacity to utilise competencies in your organisation and increased value creation. 

Our Incisive Approach To


Your judgement can be a great asset to your company. Prefrontal Constructs offers solutions to deconstruct leaders' mindsets and find the developmental components that provide the highest investment impact. We analyse personal constructs to focus development on specific perceptive and predictive abilities. The result is improved profitability through more effective daily decision-making.

Our Expansive Method To


At Prefrontal Constructs, we help organisations align and engage their people to achieve greater organisational performance. We uncover the foundations of behaviours to show what affect trust and communication. By working on precise cultural development points, you can manage your team's guiding values and enable each person to do their finest work. 


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